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September 26, 2008



I think Mark forgot about the SRC.......

Dawnifer Gomer

I think Stephanie needs to teach you a thing or two about awarding prizes! Might we have our prizes for the SUMMER Reading Club by the end of the World Series (the FALL Clasic)?


"After the committee confers, prizes will be awarded next week..."

Is it just me or has this been a REALLY long week? :p I kid! I kid! I know you've been super busy livin' the rockstar lifestyle! :)

Richard Wentz

I met you at Recreate. I am the Worsship Pastor at the Church At Rock Creek in Little Rock. We are hosting you November 20th and I sure would like to visit before you come. Could you shoot me an e-mail???


Uh oh! I think Janelle just took the lead with that one! Hehehe


Reasons to win something - even if it's just a Christmas card ;)

I have actually READ books this summer - first time since our 3 year old was born.

I managed to keep up with blogging about those books, reading your blogs (up until last week, honest! I have just been crazy busy and sick on top so I didn't check in to see if you updated in the last week...), as well as still getting supper on the table.

And if I can get to it after coaching a soccer game, I will post something for good ol' Mr. Linky.

And finally - because I have information and pictures from MHS that could be used as blackmail material! (But to be honest, I'm just not that mean to my friends or their innocent spouses!)


Personally, I should probably win because after we discussed the book club, you posted about it the next day. LOL ;) JK

Here is my entry, just in case I didn't do "Mr. Linky" right.

Thanks for everything.


Joan that was very sweet, thank you. =)


Can I kinda give Genna a plug....check out her Blog. This girl has been reading with a purpose!

Lori Broach

I owe you a prize for doing this. Give me some ideas...


I hope you haven't picked a winner yet, but even if you have, here is my story. I hope you all read it and realize how short life really is. God bless.


Book club? I'd like to but somedays I'm lucky if I get a chance to eat, let alone read a book. Or does "Cat in the Hat" count?

Take care,


[suckup]Ya know, forgot to mention that I'll be attending the San Antonio show and M&G. All the more reason for me to win a prize - ease of delivery *wink*[/suckup]

Diane (Yip)

If I had any idea what this means: "At any rate, you know the drill. Do a post, link to the URL of this post, use the Mr. Linky tool to link back to YOUR POST (not your general blog URL). After the committee confers, prizes will be awarded next week..." I would do it. Since I don't, you can award me a prize simply because I NEVER win anything and all my 3D CDs (with the exception of Revelation) are still in police custody thanks to the little minions who broke into my car 2 years ago and got caught. Did that sound pathetic enough? My summer reading included 3 historical/fantasy series by Stephen Lawhead and Lamott's Grace Eventually. There were more, but we're having a heatwave and I can't think. Happy Tuesday!


Mr. Linky is Mr. Stinky... can't get him to cooperate.


hey where is my comment???

anyway...good times as always

I need a new t-shirt (signed ;) )


hey man, it was a pleasure to chat with you breifly before the show a few weeks ago... (i'll have pictures and a write up of that online sometime soon)...

regarding the SRC, you don't have to consider me in the running for a prize, but i went ahead and threw in the link to the final four books that i finished and reviewed...

i enjoyed the club and i'll be continuing to read and review on the blog throughout the fall and beyond (though, probably at a less harried pace)...

peace... love... bdg...


Ooohhhh a prize! Hmmmmm why should I get one?
Ummm....cos I am me and you love me? hahahahahaha

I will get to writing...maybe. I got on this laptop to actually write my own book...ugh...why oh why do I check the blogs before starting work???

Kelly W

Definitely looking forward to 2009, but in the meantime, how's about a Fall Movie Watching Club or something to that effect? ;)

Trisha R

LOL - Love your post title! I just about spit my milk out all over my keyboard! Wow...I don't remember the last time I read this many books...and enjoyed it. It's been a great summer and the SRC was just the motivation that I needed! So thanks for setting this up.

As to my plee for why I should win...well, I dunno, can I just give the mommy answer and say "because I said so"? :0)

If not, I've linked my blog to here and my complete reading/read list is in the right-hand column. Thanks again for headin up the SRC 2008 edition. Looking forward to 2009...if you so choose to take on the task again.

Dawnifer Gomer

It's been fun guys and gals! And the poll is out....we got the best teacher around in our Professor Lee! No margin of error there, dude!


Hey, you were true to your word. Nice job! :)

I think you should get the award for starting this in the first place. :)

What's the absolute deadline? It would be easier for me to sort through this when I get home Sunday, but I'll give it some thought. I did read more than I realized. I read all of Three in one day. What an adrenaline rush. LOL

Anyway, thanks again for keeping us reading. IT's a good thing.

Jason (jabob)

I submitted what I believe to be my best entry. If I don't win for quality I'll take the award for "Best Review That Doesn't Sound Like All The Other Reviews You've Read Of This Book" for my comments on "The Shack". http://mrward.tumblr.com/post/51933418/the-grand-sbc-finale


As I have wholeheartedly supported all your past endevors, I did my part to prop up this tenuous summer reading club. ;)
I humbly submit my list for consideration by the committee. It is an honor just to be nominated.

Jay Sellers

I read more books this summer than probably the last 5 or 6 years combined. Thanks for the encouragement, Mark.

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