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July 16, 2008



Ha! I LOVE this post! I am a huge country fan, so this was refreshing ....

steve metz of Revelation 22

I used to be a huge Travis Tritt fan but wanted to find music that was more God honoring and when my brother and sister in law told me about Third Day i was skeptical. But when i heard You Are So Good To Me i was floored! I really dig mac's voice and the awesome music. You have really inspired me to play christian music.


My husband sent me this link because he knows I love country music (I fell in love with it - and him - when I lived in Nashville) and would enjoy reading this.

My all-time, hands down favorite country artist is George Strait. My brother introduced me to King George and now I can't get enough of that man's voice; he epitomizes country music for me. I also love Johnny Cash, Alison Krauss and Keith Urban. I have to agree with one of the previous posters and say that Keith Urban is one of the best shows on the planet. I've seen him three times and his shows are incredible, each and every time.

Since moving from Nashville (to Georgia), I really miss seeing the Grand Ole Opry live and in person. It's such an institution, and really showcases old country legends right alongside new country artists. It introduced me to a lot of singers I never would have otherwise listened to.

I think I'm going to find some country to listen to now!

Jason Hall

I knew Alan Jackson would have to be on your list. A good friend of mine (former preacher at my church) went to high school with Alan's wife. I've visited him a few times down in Newnan. Gave me "the tour" which consisted of driving by Alan's mom's house and crossing the Chattahoochee on our way to church in Whitesburg.
As for me, I'll just mentiom my all time fav... George Jones.


Edit: (I can't belive I didn't read all the type and notice that Alabama was in the "also-ran" section at the bottom of your post. Oops. I still stand by my picks, though.) :)


I can't believe you didn't mention the group Alabama. I'm in a hurry to get things done? Roll on 18 wheeler?

I lived outside Houston when I was little and I remember my mom singing to Barbara Mandrell, Crystal Gayle, Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline, among others. It took awhile to understand "donuts make my brown eyes blue" wasn't quite right.

Martina McBride is so gifted. And whatever happened to Mary Chapin Carpenter? I liked her tunes.

Travis Tritt and Johnny Cash are definitely tops for the men. I talked to an atheist on the airplane once, and came to find out he liked country music, especially Travis Tritt. I told him how Mac was similar in vocal quality and that peaked his interest. You never know how God can take a simple conversation about music and use it to reach someone lost. :)

Emily aka EmmoGomer

I am having a 'hillbilly' party this year for my birthday celebrations. I have had to buy some country music for the occasion. This'd be your old school country stuff, which I have never really listened to before.
I have to say, it's not as bad as I was expecting............kinda toe tapping. Not sure what my friends will think, but what the hey!!

Randy Williams

Ok...since I left a massive comment on your hair metal post, I'll keep it short and sweet here. BUT...I, too, am a HUGE country music fan. But only ONLY the good stuff. And the good stuff consists of:

Hag - Merle Haggard defines country music to me. Period.
Cash - My aunt sang back up with him for several years during the 60s and 70s, so I grew up loving him.
Loretta Lynn - the queen, always and forever
Patsy Cline - just stop right here, remove your hat and shoes, and give thanks for that voice

Clint Black - I just imported his first four cds into iTunes. He drew deep from Hag's legacy and did it right!
Lee Greenwood - his debut album was superb, waaaay before the flag-waving
Foster and Lloyd - When I heard them do Led Zep's "Whole Lotta Love," my mind opened up
Lyle Lovett - Best served warm on lazy Saturday mornings
Martina McBride - No one sings like her

Robert Earl Keen - I get the feeling he'd punch my lights out if I didn't list him
Gillian Welch - Old timey music made on West End Ave in Nashville. Used to pal around with her
Alison Krauss - Mmmmm...the sound of heaven
Mindy Smith - Mmmmm...the sound of crazy heaven
Keith Urban - not "real" country, but definitely great. Best touring band in the biz.

Ok...I could list for days, but I'll spare you. Enjoyed the show in MN.

Diane (Yippy)

Like Melanie, I lean more toward the cross over country rather than the twang, if I like any country at all (Reba...ick). Since my husband is a lot country and I'm a lot rock n roll, we do the radio wars in the car (I always win). Our compromise is Outlaw Country on Sirius if he has any hope for country while I'm in the car!

My mom was in love with Frank Sinatra & Willie Nelson while I was growing up (I think she still is). She met both and actually had pasta at Frank Sinatra's house...he cooked. Never got the hang of listening to Frank, but hearing Willie is like coming home. Willie & Family Live and Waylon & Willie were the only country albums I ever owned.

Is Johnny Cash country? ;) (I've always loved him, but never have thought of him as country...haha)

Oh, and I have one country question for you. Why does it seem like Reba is always the emcee for country awards shows?

All this is being said by a CA girl, far removed from the grace of the South, who grew up listening to 60s & 70s Rock, Motown, & the Beatles with a little Blood, Sweat & Tears thrown in (oh, and Willie & Frank).


Great list, Mark. Restless Heart was awesome, I have a greatest hits CD of theirs and have almost worn it out. And I have to say that I'm in love with Little Big Town's music, they just plain rock.

And to Trisha, the only duet I know of between Kenny and Dolly is "Islands In The Stream", not sure if it's the one you're thinking of or not. However, he sang alot of songs with Dottie West and a few with Kim Carnes.


I like some country, although it's not my favorite genre. Martina McBride and LeAnne Rimes are great singers. :) There was a local band I saw recently that was really, really good, especially if you like the lap steel. I've forgotten their name and I'll have to look it up.

Kenny was pop when I was growing up. I like Kenny Rogers. But then so were some Johnny Cash songs. They were played on top 40 stations. I was surprised to find out my daughter really likes Johnny Cash. We drove up to Warped Tour last year and she was playing Johnny Cash (she really dislikes country ordinarily.) Kevin Max is a big Cash fan.

I tend to really like the crossover country, more than "twang" but I like Josh Gracin for some reason, but I saw him live once in a small club and he put on an amazing show. I tend to like it live more than recorded, in general.

Oh, and have you ever heard Mike Herrera's country project Tumbledown? He likes Hank. :)

Trisha R

Sorry, not a big country fan, but when I was younger I did like Kenny...I think he and Dolly did a song together, something about leaving on a jet plane...was that Kenny? Anyways, when I was little, I used to LOVE that song...that's about as country as I get. YeeHaw!

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