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July 07, 2008



Book - The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Great read about a young girl in WWII Germany whose family hides a young Jewish man. Highly recommend to everyone.

Music - Walk by Faith by Jeremy Camp. I rediscovered this song when making a video presentation for my church about a recent missions trip.


the shack
weezer - red album

Dale Best

#1: "Jesus For President" by Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw
#2: Ben Shive's "The Ill-Tempered Klavier"


Book - The Intelligent Investor
Album - It's a toss-up between Coldplay's Viva la Vida and Weezer's Red album.

Gary Smith

The Book

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. So many things to think about if your are interested in leadership, the church, mission etc

The Album

Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends - Coldplay

A band from over here that is doing rather well over there


OK...Better late than never...

First, Gainesville is probably more well-known than you think Mark :) Folks up here are likely to know it, as well as Marietta (and you would be surprised how many people in this area have actually been there, have family around there, or friends...it's become a very small world.) Of course you throw in Powder Springs and people look at you with a lost expression...but hey, that's not a bad thing!


1. - I can't say any of the books I've read have made much impact. They were fun reading, not impact reading. The reading that has made the most impact on me in the last 90 days has been the blog, http://audreycaroline.blogspot.com/ that I discovered through various other blog's links when I was searching for peace after my brother's death. Her faith in the face of such tragedies has really impacted my life.

2. Albums. When my Dad died several years ago, I played Third Day's "Time" over and over...and when Matt died, I found that album again brought me the focus and peace I needed. It's still in my truck's CD player and I listen to it instead of the radio when I'm going places. In the house I've had Loreena McKeenit's "An Ancient Muse" in for a good long while as her music is very calming which in a house of wild rug rats, calming is a GOOD thing! Then the other day I found my old Indigo Girls - Greatest Hits I think...the CD was in my case so not in it's original case, and the CD itself has no labeling that indicates who it is and I stuck it in to figure out who it was and didn't take it back out :) Guess I was ready for some good upbeat stuff for a while!


1. I'd have to say I haven't really read anything life changing in the past 90 days.

2. I have to admit, I generally listen to music without paying a lot of attention, especially if its something I know very well. I have to say, honestly, that the Third Day song "Love Heals Your Heart" helped me get through a few recent rough patches in my life.

Jean DeChant

Question #1: The book that impacted me the most as of late has been The Shack by William P. Young
The commit most often made is that it appeals to those that have had difficult lives and I most surely fit that one. As a child I grew up in house full of abuse, verbal and physical. My father’s mental illness often led me to the point of no return but something kept me going telling me that things would get better. And yes they did but it was a long fought battle. During this time my Mother turned to God but I walked away. I became atheist to the point that when I swore I wouldn’t even use God’s name because he didn’t exist. Many years later God put me in the job that I have now which lead me to someone that I could talk to and who was patent enough not to rush me. Then on November 6, 1999 I was reborn and became a child of Christ. Fast forward almost 10 years later, I am reading this book and it is speaking to me about so many of the things that I went through during my youth and I know why I always felt that things would get better even when I was on the edge of giving everything up was because God was there with me. This book gave me a better understanding of how God feels when we hurt. I thought I had worked my way through most everything in my past but now I feel more complete.The song that has impacted me the most of late has been from Third Day’s Revelation There is several songs here that impact me. The Other side shows the joy of looking forward to Heaven while stuck here. Born Again is the song I would love to share with my step daughter. It has been difficult to get her to listen to Christian music but she likes Flyleaf. She needs to hear this song. Then there is “This Is Who I Am”, this song rocks and the lyrics express so much. Can you tell this about all I have listened to lately?!



Book:Glory Revealed by David Nassar. Yeah, I know all about the show and Mac Powell being in it. The music was really good. But this book has me thinking about God in a way I never have before.

Music: When I find music that is in my head when I wake up in the middle of the night, I kind of figure it is having an impact on me. Right now, that is what Revelation is doing to me. It isn't any one song, but all of them, even Shake, that are playing in my head in the middle of the night. Awesome work!!!!


Answer to the artist and album question:
Lincoln Brewster "Let the Praises Ring: The Best of..."
Check it out.


Hope you had a nice vacation.

Book: "The Jesus I never knew" by Philip Yancey
What an amazing writer Yancey is....I am hooked. Yancey helped me see Jesus in ways I haven't before and has caused me to want to know Him even more. We believe Jesus is the God-Man but do we actually get it? No and never will but when we forget Jesus is fully God and Man we take away part of who He is and why He came. What struck me most was the fact that Jesus was rejected (and still is) as the Messiah because He did not fit the into the mold we made for Him. But when His Kingdom comes He will come as the King the people are wanting although He will still not fit the mold. It is a wonderful and terrifying thought to think of Jesus coming back. I will probably read this book again.

CD: Switchfoot "Beautiful letdown" and Third Day "Revelation"
Seriously, these are the 2 cd's I have listened to over and over and over for the past month (although I have to say I through some Toby Mac "Alive" in for good measure when it came out). I have always liked Switchfoot but haven't listened to them lately. The whole cd speaks to me and tells me to get up and be more than I am for God's Kingdom. Third Day's cd just touches my soul period. Not a song on there I don't like but "Take it all" has been my theme song this month. There is just so much junk in my life that I allow to get in the way and I need for God to just take it.


1) Book: "blink" by Malcolm Gladwell - anytime a piece of writing is able to make you stop and really think about not only the decisions you are making, but how you make them, it shows an impact that is hard to shake. Pouring this material through your Christian filter will help understand not only the physical complexity of the human body, but the underlying supernaturalness of it all.

2) Music/Movie: "Once" - Can't believe I hadn't heard of this movie before now. Take two singers, make a movie about making music, give the non-actors a direction to take a conversation, and you get an honest, real-life independent film with awesome music. I went out and bought the soundtrack the next day. Simple and deep. Go see it.

Seth Reese

First, Gainesville used to be the "big city" for me, as I went to college just a bit further up 9-85 in the tiny town of Demorest. In fact, I got my driver's license renewed in Gainesville.

Now, for the question posed here.

1) I suppose the book that has impacted me the most is Charles Bukowski's collection of poems, The People Look Like Flowers At Last. It is his last collection of poems, released posthumously. Old age, death, and remembering life are big themes. To be sure, this is not a volume for the easily offended or anyone under the age of 18, but if you know Bukowski you know that already.

2)As far as music goes, I have been stuck in decades past. If we are talking full on albums, it goes to Dylan's Blood on the Tracks. This is surely Dylan's break-up album and the genre has never been done as good. The stories told in this album are some of the best in Dylan's career and the fact that they continue to speak is a testament to the genius of the album.

Second Place goes to Mic Christopher's Skylarkin.


ummmm .... books .... yeah ... do I have to limit it to one?

Books - "Hinds Feet in High Places" and "When Rabbit Howls". They both make me cry but for very different reasons.

Music - not really one album but a song .. "You are Good" by Kari Jobe...............wow! Brings me to my knees every time. And "King of Glory" also ... to my knees.


Book: Crazylove by Francis Chan....no words... one of my favorite reads of all time.

Music: We Cry Out by Jesus Culture Music...Kim Walker's version of How He Loves just blows my socks off :o)

Dawnifer Gomer

Oh forgot #2, the music part. I would have to say one song has made me think of how short life can be and it can turn bad on a dime. Steven Curtis Chapman's "Cinderella" will never be the same. Writing that for his little girl and then losing her has to just mess up your whole song writing vibe. I cannot listen to that song without crying anymore. Makes you appreciate your loved ones and to let them know that before its too late.


Book: I've read several books in the last 3 months, but nothing terribly profound. I guess I'd pick "The Wisdom of Big Bird..." by Carrol Spinney just because it's amazing how he was able to achieve his childhood dreams and then some with his Sesame Street work.

Artist/Album: Steven Curtis Chapman, This Moment. I've had this one since it was released in October and listen to it often. I love Miracle of the Moment. It's a great reminder that I can't change the past and have no idea what the future holds and that I really need to pay attention to the here and now. There's a bunch of other goods ones on the album, but that one is my favorite.


1. It's a tie between The Secret Garden and Anne of Green Gables. I'm on a children's lit kick and am enjoying it immensely. I never realized how many children's classics I've never read and also how many of them are about orphans. Depressing and yet heartwarming at the same time.

2. Reflection of Something by Todd Agnew. Although this was released three years ago, I cannot get enough of it now. And what an amazing voice Agnew has! (So why hasn't 3D toured with him yet?)

Diane (Yippy)

1. Merlin by Stephen Lawhead (Book 2 of the Pendragon Cycle - excellent series, btw) I would love to have a Merlin in my life; and it's inspired me to be more Spirit aware.

2. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon, my 15 year old son just discovered it and has been playing it. I didn't realize how much a part of my youth it represented until memories flooded in & reminded me of the deep loneliness I knew as a young girl. My son is living an entirely different life & won't have those same feelings attached to the songs.

Lori Broach

Book: Body for Life for Women
This book is helping me change from a morbidly obese couch potato to an actual athlete. I love the transformation.

Artist: Downhere
Their music is amazing. I love their new single "Here I Am" (http://jeremythiessen.typepad.com/weblog/2008/06/first-downhere-single-here-i-am-at-radio-today.html). It is so powerful This song reminds me that God can still use me even though I am broken and hurting.

Jay Sellers

1. The Shack
2. Al Green's Lay It Down

Tom Soto

1. It’s a tie between “Ragamuffin Gospel” and “What’s So Amazing About Grace?” I am only half-way through “Amazing” but both books are eye openers for me.

2. I am not being gratuitous here but without a doubt it’s been Third Day. Whether it was seeing my 10-year-old daughter’s tiny tears during “Thief” at Spirit West Coast or hearing my 8-year-old autistic son sing “I Can Feel It”, Third Day has not only affected me but my entire family. In fact, my son usually locks into a type of music or song for months at a time and recently its been live Third Day songs. Which I do not mind, and because it beats the heck out of listening to Barney or The Wiggles over and over again!


Book: Christ the Lord - Out of Egypt by Anne Rice. Not the most impactful, but the latest one that's been rattling around my brain

Music: Shadow of Your Wings by Fernando Ortega; Remedy by David Crowder Band; Give it Away Robbie Seay Band; Catch and Release Soundtrack by Various Artists


Book - soul cravings by McManus. Not everything, but a lot of the ideas.

Music - The Sad Accordions. Speaks to my introspective country side. More than most I've found.


I'm not going to lie... Every time I start a book the ADD kicks in and I lay it down... start another one... forget what I read in which one... its frustrating... I write.. a lot... everywhere. I'm always writing something for someone.

Music on the other hand... thats something I can take with me when I go :)

Over the last 90 days Revelation has been the dominate CD in my rotation. However I have been listening to a lot of Good Monsters (JOC) and The Heat(NeedToBreathe). Friday Chance purchased Viva La Vida for me so over the last 90 hours it has been my mirror my sword my shield! Tomorrow the new song from Jars Of Clay called CLOSER releases on iTunes (Not sure if you had heard about that or not;) )
I will probably wear it out for 80hours or so... then Revelation will more than likely take back over.
Rock on!

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