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January 31, 2008



I noticed a few folks stating that the government has taken the Church's job away from it. I've always seen it the other way around: that the Church withdrew from the culture at large (there were reasons for this), and unfortunately, when we withdrew, we *stopped* doing our job. We stopped helping the poor and the disenfranchised. I really think we "fell down" in our response to AIDS, teen pregnancy, etc.

With us off the scene the government had no choice but to do something in our stead.

But an entity without the heartbeat of God cannot possibly adequately address the complex issues we face. The Law is simply incapable of doing properly that which has been tasked to Love.

I am hopeful, though. Over the last few years, I've seen the Church start to wake up and reenter the culture around it and reclaiming it's role.

And, I actually think that's why Obama is so popular - particularly among young people. He's reminding folks that as citizens we can have hope, b/c we can actually DO something about this mess. And as Christians we know that "nothing is impossible with God."

PS - I'm an independant, and undecided


I am a conservative first and a Republican second. I lean so far to the right on economics and limited government that if it were not for a few social issues, I could be a Libertarian. I have been disappointed with the lack of conservative leadership in the GOP the last four years or so. As a strict constitutionalist, I used to say that conservatives see the constitution as a guide and liberals see it as an obstacle. Now everyone just wants to ignore it. If the men who wrote that document were here now, they might regret risking their lives for ideals that have been tossed aside so we can feel good. No matter who wins this election, I believe our country is in for a few years of seriously bad decisions and policymaking.
Concerning Huckabee; as far as faith, I just want them to have one; it doesn’t have to be mine. I am not electing a pastor; I don’t need someone to pamper and pander to me, I need someone to protect me. Huckabee hasn’t made a stance on the war; either way.
I like many things about Romney. However, I am not so sure his record backs up the fiscal conservatism he is claiming.
John McCain is a true American hero. That doesn’t mean I automatically want him as my President. McCain-Feingold was the greatest assault on the First Amendment right of free speech in the past 50 years; and everyone applauded.
Hewitt may have had a good point; but the party leaders will do anything to avoid a brokered convention.
Yeah; the GOP’s at a crossroads; and it’s about to get hit from all four sides.
Overall, I am one seriously disgruntled elephant.


Um... the comments are proving exactly the point you were making about "interesting". Hillary is divisive. A win for her would be the best thing for the GOP. People will go vote just to keep her from winning. But oddly enough, folks don't feel as strongly about Obama. His policy stances are extremely similar to hers. So why all the Obama love? It baffles me...

So if you'd like universal healthcare (bad, bad, idea), abortion on demand (reversing the progress we've recently made), bail out of Iraq (despite the noted success of the surge), pay more taxes to pay for all of the above, grant legal status to illegal aliens, fail to secure the borders, dictate exactly how our kids should be educated, emphasize doing the work of the church (overstepping, I believe, its God-Ordained role in the world) yet without sharing the love of Christ... well, then Obama or Hillary should get your vote.

Of the GOP folks... you've accurately described their strengths/weaknesses... I'm not sure about the most electable title though. If the national election were held today (which obviously it's not), McCain is the most electable. But not sure who it will be in November.

As for "Christian" candidate. The "Christian" candidate is really the one who will help the government properly achieve its proper role as a God ordained institution... that allows and empowers the Church rather than hinders or usurps it.


I don't know, but I agree with this comment quote from above from "Brad": "We are a country of spoiled rotten brats who feel like we are entitled to everything. The Democrats are probably going to take the White House because they want to give you everything. They want the government to take care of everybody.

...and we the people will have to pay for it.

The "issues" links online drive me crazy...yeah, I totally think some of the stuff is important and worth being and issue and worth government doing something about...but, we do have to PAY for anything we want. It's oppositional to say I want to cut taxes, but I want better international security, better control over immigtants, national health care, balance the budget, and do away with Social Security.

That doesn't balance.

I think favor is important when times of national security come into play...I want to know we have a person in office who has the favor of God on their life. I want some integrity, consistency, and someone who has a great sense of humor and can respond to stress with a smile and joke when needed, not just a quick rebuttal as I've seen from Clinton. YOu have to learn to brush things off to lead, and to keep smiling, and I think she really lackes that skill.

I've not seen a great deal out of the others, but too many of them have zero personality, and a leader needs a winsome personality to lead.


I must say I don't know how you guys stand all the hype and weariness of such long election processes! In Aus, the party votes for their leaders, they put up who they want to run for the prime minister - we have to choose between two people only! AND, our elections take 6 months only - and that is long enough! I couldn't stand years of campaigning! No wonder half your country doesn't vote!
To be totally honest, I think the amount we spend on elections is a grave waste of money that could be used for better things, but our total comes no where close to the gazillions spent in the US elections.


The title of this post should be "United States at the Crossroads." The Democratic party is in shambles as well. Washington is broken. Period. We are a country of spoiled rotten brats who feel like we are entitled to everything. The Democrats are probably going to take the White House because they want to give you everything. They want the government to take care of everybody. If people believe they can vote into power a party that will give them everything they want, then guess what? They will stay in power. But we cannot afford that as a nation. We tax the everloving crap out of hardworking businesses and people who achieve. Then we take from the hardworkers and make them pay for the majority of programs. I am a Christian who tithes and gives and gives to the needy. But there are people out there who are milking the system and purposefully not working because they don't have to. I am all for supporting people in need. Help them get on their feet and then let them produce.

I am voting for Romney becuase I believe he will lower my taxes and cut the size of the government. I want to have the money I make to help others as I wish, not as I am told. The church has had it's job taken away from it by government. WE should be the ones helping the poor. WE should be the ones taking care of people in need. WE should be the most charitable people. As far as a Mormon in the White House...I could care less if they help ween our society off of government dependence.

I am truly sorry for taking up so much space.


I support John McCain. I always support my party because I just feel like it's the right thing to do. Obama scares me and I won't get into why. I do believe that this will be an interesting election year, however.

Seth Reese

I have been an Obama guy for a good while now. I remember the day he announced his candidacy. I small tear of happiness dropped down my cheek.
But the guy has everything I'm looking for in a candidate. He has good policy (I do lean left, even now I'm leaning to the left. Funny, I'm right handed) and he's sincere (as far as I can tell) about changing our country. He speaks in such a way to gives me hope for a better world to come.
So now I play wait and see.


I think you've hit the nail on the head, Mark. And especially about Huckabee being the most "Christian" candidate. I wish these guys wouldn't try to use their faith as an election hook. Somehow, when I think of the story of the Sheep and the Goats, I don't remember the line about "I was fiscally unstable, and you balanced the budget--thank you."


I'm split down the middle. I agree with Obama on many issues and McCain on many issues. I read an interesing statistic the other day about how young voters like me are having the same delima.

This is the first election in which I will be voting for the person, not the party. I'm quite proud of myself!

adam riggins

Personally, I had always considered myself a Republican until recently. Now, I am a "whoever-has-the-best-policies"-ican. Based on what I know, I am leaning towards Obama. He seems to be a classy guy with a strong faith, and I like where he stands on issues that matter. Did you catch his interview in Christianity Today? He is a good man.

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