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July 23, 2006



If you find someone without an agenda in the GW debate, let me know:)

And you're right (as is Mr. Dreher) - hating environmentalists isn't the answer. I'm actually married to one - although she does eschew some of the more...aggressive tactics of some groups.


Great comments, Ron. I love the "angnostic" metaphor. I guess in this scenario I would be considered a "seeker". I'm pretty sure global warming is happening, and I'm about 80% sold on the human factor. I want to get some more info on that regard, preferably info which is not thrown at me by someone with an agenda (good luck, right?). As soon as I feel confident that it's happening, I want to look into what needs to be done.

Remember Rod Dreher's quote that our stance on the enviromnent needs to go beyond a simple hatred of environmentalists. I'm just trying to figure out what my stance needs to be.


Hi Mark -
Long time reader, infrequent commenter (and huge fan of Third Day.) I am agnostic on global warming (gw). I find there is sufficient debate that I'm looking at both sides and trying to figure out who has it right.

That being said, I appreciate your list of other reasons to care for creation. I think we, as Christians, should be taking care of our environment regardless of whether gw is real, whether it is man-made, or whether it is all about the hype. In other words, it's great to take steps to minimize our negative impacts on nature just because God wants us to care for those things He's placed under our care. I don't need global warming to scare me into "green" behavior; I need merely to read scripture which tells me I'm a steward of God's creation.

God bless,

Mark Lee

Already picked it up. In my effort to be, shall we say, "fair and balanced" on this issue, I intend to read a few books from some different perspectives.

More on that later...


If you like Michael Crichton books, pick up State of Fear. It will give you an interesting perspective on Global Warming and it's a pretty good read. Crichton uses hard science (with footnotes) to give perspective on how some have framed the argument. Also comments on how our society today is bombarded with "scientific" info that perpetuates a state of fear and gives rise to new religions, including hard core environmentalism.


That's awesome that you've turned green! Now if they could make those tour buses run on e85.

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