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July 12, 2006


Gabriel Mendoza

You can also use a White noise machine in the office to mask out distracting noises and increase concentration.

Mama Gomer

Well, I had a witty reply all typed in here a couple of weeks ago, then typepad went down. But anyway . . .

"You can even get a CD of San Padre Island at night."

Glad you didn't buy this one. If you've ever been to South Padre Island at night, you'd know it's not very restful, especially during Spring Break.

I discovered a solution while I was, coincidentally, at a Nashville hotel. A couple of the friends that were sharing the room with me thought that three AM was too early for sleeping. So I whipped out the handy-dandy earplugs I use when I go to concerts. (No offense to the proprietor of this blog. Just trying to perserve my hearing so I can enjoy his work a lot longer.) I buy them by the bunch at Walmart. You can find them in the hunting department, really cheap. They are great for blocking out those noises that scare away sleep. (At concerts they only block out the excess noise and allow you to actually hear the music better than without them.) Of course, if you have been to too many concerts without earplugs, and have permanent ringing of the ears, that's what you will hear while you try to sleep with the earplugs in, but it's better than people talking and sinks dripping.


I'm currently having this happen to me as I'm on vacation. My noise is a music cd that's in my Windows Media Player library and I leave the entire cd on loop at night. The play count for each track is in the 30s and I've still got the rest of the week left!

You might want to check out cds by Windham Hill (if you like music), Echoes of Nature (if you like nature sounds), or Solitudes (if you like both). I've used them all at various points and they work well as background or white noise.


Whoa... have you seen the new look at 'Scrobbler!? COOL! :D

Kate O'

Even on the ones that aren't 30 seconds long, I usually start to get annoyed by patterns after a while. We used to have a CD of ocean sounds, and I swear, the distant seagull cry 17 seconds in irritated the crap out of me. Eventually I knew every annoying crash of waves on the shore. Seriously.

Just consider this a warning. Mix it up with other white noise tracks or you'll get too used to one. :-)


Sweet... First thought looking at the title of the track was that you somehow recorded rain at 1am and put it on your iTunes! :D :p


I guess if you're selling sleep-aids it would make sense to have customer support at 1am! :P

Thanks for the tip. ;)

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