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October 18, 2004



Elwood wrote: "If I missed a penny or interesting thing along the way I’ll never know it and can’t miss it anyway…"

Man, that is so opposite me. I always look at the ground when I'm walking. You never know what little treasures you'll find. (I've found lots of $ that way.) I think the difference is that you are getting to a destination, while I'm enjoying the journey. :)

Mr. Elwood

Details schmetails.. If I was to go back over my details then I would loose sight of where I’m going.
I think of it this way… While walking barefoot do you look to see where you are going and make sure you get there, or do you look down to make sure you don’t step on anything or miss something on the ground??
I walk forward and step on glass, nails, and snails. I stub my toes and my feet get dirty, but I keep going forward and only address those details that help me continue my walk forward. If I missed a penny or interesting thing along the way I’ll never know it and can’t miss it anyway…er.. um.. sorry.. that’s for another philosophical argument..;-)

Obviously I’m not a details person… if I even know what one is

See ya soon Doogie hahahahaha


Ah, deep thoughts from Dr. Lee. (Very refreshing to read by the way.) I'm more of a detail person, I tend to lose sight of the big picture. "Bogged down" by the perfectionism that I can't stand is more like it. Eh, it comes with the creative territory. (A writer suffering from writers block, and a musician lacking a band.) And yeah, where are those good screwdriver vs. hammer debates when you need them!?


Hmmm. interesting. my brother just blogged the very same thoughts- only the metaphor for perspective he used was "10,000 feet" and "10 feet". I don't know much about that sort of thing. My brains too feeble to think much beyond its own little circle it's created. I often think about what drove the Apostle Paul on an on, facing imprisonment, stoning, shipwrecking, at the like. I don't think it was his 10 foot perspective, although he did seem to never lose sight of even the single individual. But the driving force, the gasoline in his engine, had to be the greater vision, I would think.


I'm a top-down type too. I forget the details, then someone comes along and asks me all these little things that I didn't even think about. Ouch. You should come speak to my Project Management class. All we talk about is thought processes.

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