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August 16, 2004



How about "Smooth Grandmama" by Apologetix.

The parody of "Smooth Criminal" would be blasting and the other players would be thinking, "Is that Michael Jackson? Alien AntFarm? What's that guy saying? "Granny are you OK"? ".

Now that would really distract them! And the crowd would get a laugh or two.

Mark, are you familiar with Apologetix lyrics? Smooth Grandmama is one of their best. I'd be happy to send you the lyrics. It's incredibly funny!

Andrew B.

I've thought about this for a couple of days, and I think I have the song. When I first saw this entry, I read through the songs listed by my favorite team since I was a little boy, the Cincinnati Reds. Austin Kearns, who is from Lexington, said his favorite song is from a "local band" called Montgomery Gentry. I'm going to go even more local than that, although the band that I'll be using isn't even from the same side of the state as me (but still Kentucky). The reason I'm saying "more local" is because it's a band that you've never heard of, but the play all the time in and around Lexington. The band is called Big Jim Slade, and the song is called Still Walkin'.

Mark, I think you'd like this band. They have a hard driving rock sound. Here is the first part of the lyrics to Still Walkin':

I feel good today
And I don't even care why
I'm just happy
Feels good again to smile

If you've been lost...
Well I hope you find your way
Just remember to keep your peace
And don't you ever get in my way

'Cause I'm still walkin'...
It feels good
I can still reach out and touch someone
Pass the gift along
And I hope that you don't misunderstand
I'm still walkin'

I would use that song if I was a major league baseball player. But since I'm not, my song (this week) is I've Endured, which was recorded by Tim O'Brien.


You know, since I'm a female, I would not be in the majors, but for humor I would probably pick "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar" because Helen Reddy sounds so funny all soft and quiet and folk like and yet she's saying all this insane stuff about how strong she is.

But that always makes me laugh, hearing it, so I guess I'd have to pick something else. I'd probably take a cue from Chad Moeller and use "I Got a Feelin", just because you hear it a lot every game and so it's probably best that you like it. Of course I might change that up with a little "Sweet Home Alabama" and "I Believe" just because those intros are fun to listen to.;)

But after looking at the different lists, I have a question. Why is it that every team has to have at least one guy using "Yeah" by Usher? It's not like the song has any great motivational lyrics, or even that great of a chorus. "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"

I like the guys with originality. Yeah.

Lisa G

If I wanted to crack up the other team I would have to either go with Dancing Queen by Abba or Brick House by the Commedores.

Side notes on this subject:
The song "Who let the dogs out" was played for the first time at Safeco field.
John Olerud who used to be on the M's, but has now signed with the Yankees had at one time his song as "Consuming Fire" by this one group called "Third Day".

Ever hear of them?



Serious?? hhmmm... I normally can't get into serious thoughts when playing sports games because I have to much fun, so it would be something from Third Day I would just want to share or ‘Extreme Days’ from Toby

I like the idea of messing with the heads of the other players... I would pick anything from Abba or the Bee Gees.. That would get the crowd going and get the other players thinking I’m some sorta freak… you know.. that whole macho baseball stuff they got going on.. ;-)


Ya- for humor I'd go with parody too. And we certainly have some good ones in our time- Wierd Al, Cledus Judd. I think "Skoal: The Grundy County Auction Sptting Incident" might be a good one for all them ta-backie spittin pitchurs. :)

If I was to pick a song, it might be the theme song from Jaws or something goofy like that- a theme song of some type? Or maybe something sassy, like "Kiss This" from Aaron Tippin?


I would choose 'I'm Too Sexy' by Right Said Fred for the humor. For a more serious side, I'd choose the Steve Vai guitar song from Top Gun :)


That was interesting to look at. Thanks for sharing the link. I have been to quite a few college baseball games over the years and the trend has carried into that level as well. It's always interesting to see who chooses what kind of music. :) I did see where Third Day was represented, I believe it was with the Brewers. :)

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