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My name is Mark Lee. I am a musician, but don't hold that against me. I play guitar in a band called Third Day. I currently live in the Tennessee area.
I've had this weblog going for about 6 months now, and I still haven't figured out what it's about. But hey, it does it for me. And if it does it for you, I hope you'll stick around.
I don't really post a whole lot about Third Day here, because we have a nice site that I'm proud of. Please check it out. I'm just writing about stuff that interests me and what I'm thinking about at any given time. Nothing more, nothing less. There will invariably be posts about sports, books, and music. If you have any ideas for the site, feel free to email me. I'm always interested in getting better.

Here's another hundred things about me:
1) I was born in Austell, GA
2) I'm a Gemini, both in birth month and personality.
3) I'm extremely right-brained.
4) I somehow manage to be laid back and self-conscious at the same time.
5) My first memory was dancing to "Rhinestone Cowboy" playing on a Winnie the Pooh record player.
6) The first song I remember hearing on the radio was "Afternoon Delight" by the Starland Vocal Band
7) The first rock song I remember hearing was "We Will Rock You" by Queen
8) The first song I learned on guitar was "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay"
9) I started playing the violin when I was 6.
10) I unfortunately do not still play the violin.
11) I won a spelling bee in 2nd grade.
12) For a brief time I wanted to be a baker man when I grew up.
13) I'm not at all superstitious, so the number 13 does nothing for me.
14) I can not stand when people order 'expresso' at Starbucks.
15) I worked at Six Flags Over Georgia in high school.
16) I worked at the public library in high school.
17) I worked at a grocery store in high school.
18) I worked for the newspaper selling subscriptions in high school.
19) I used to work at a potpourri factory.
20) I used to do telemarketing for a cemetery (don't ask)
21) I majored in civil engineering in college (don't ask)
22) I got hit by a truck while I was in high school (again, don't ask)
23) I started playing the guitar when I was 15.
24) I worked one summer as a camp counselor.
25) The first time I ever rappeled was when I was teaching kids how to rappel (scary thought).
26) I wrote what became my first song while working at aforementioned camp.
27) That song won "Rock Song of the Year" at the 2001 Dove Awards.
28) The name of this weblog is a takeoff of that song title.
29) I didn't start writing lyrics until I was 24 years old - better late than never.
30) My first guitar was a Saga Gladiator.
31) My wife, Stephanie, and I got in a wreck and got robbed on our wedding day (true story).
32) My friend and lead singer Mac introduced me to my wife.
33) My wife also worked at the aforementioned camp.
34) I've visited 12 baseball stadia.
35) In case you didn't know, "stadia" is the proper plural form of "stadium".
36) I can be a know-it-all at times.
37) Because of my know-it-all-ness, I am often called Third Day's "band historian".
38) I'm almost qualified for that role, because I majored in history in college for a while.
39) As "band historian", I'm in charge of the Frequently Asked Questions on Third Day's website.
40) I met Mac while I was in high school.
41) I've been in three different rock bands.
42) Mac was the singer in all three.
43) One of the bands was called "Nuclear Hoedown".
44) We did about a dozen shows without a name.
45) Mac came up with "Third Day" at his girlfriend's (now wife's) birthday party.
46) I am a self-described "human road atlas".
47) I played in the marching band in high school.
48) I played in the marching band at Georgia Tech.
49) My dorm at Georgia Tech was almost literally hanging over the edge of Interstate 75.
50) A guy that played in my first garage band is now a radio DJ for a large station in ATL.
51) During the van-and-trailer days, I always pulled the night shift.
52) I still keep Elvis hours (stay up late, sleep late.)
53) I could eat at Waffle House for every meal.
54) I was number 54 for the Due West Raiders 55-pound Pop Warner football team.
55) I have always been semi-obsessed with clocks and watches.
56) My favorite "Third Day" record was called Time
57) I wrote a song for that record which included the line "Time will open doors for you"
58) The next line, "Wishes spent make dreams come true" is my least favorite lyric I've written.
59) We've broken down 4 times in Arkansas - more than any other state.
60) I've ridden in the back of 2 U Haul trucks (don't ask).
61) My all time favorite band is R.E.M.
62) Through R.E.M., I got into Tom Petty, the Byrds, Gram Parsons, Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Ryan Adams.
63) Line 62 pretty much describes my taste in music.
64) I didn't get into the Beatles until I was in my twenties.
65) George was my favorite Beatle.
66) I saw Winger 4 times in concert. I have no idea why.
67) I used to go to rock concerts all the time in high school and wear the shirts to school.
68) As a joke, we wore those shirts during a show. A guy from the AJC was there and our picture was in the paper!
69, Dude! Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is probably my all time favorite movie.
70) I'm an avid reader.
71) I read 56 books for the Summer Reading Club when I was 8.
72) I want to learn to play the pedal steel guitar.
73) I love The Flintstones.
74) I'm a picky eater.
75) JFK is another all time favorite movie of mine.
76) We in Third Day went through a big conspiracy phase due to JFK
77) We name our second record Conspiracy no.5 as a result.
78) I currently live in the Nashville area.
79) I love country music, but not the kind they play on the radio.
80) Despite being a guitarist, I don't like to sit around talking about Peavey amps and stuff.
81) Even though #80 is true, I am freakish when it comes to vintage music gear.
82) I like Vox amps. A lot.
83) I play mostly PRS guitars.
84) OK, maybe #80's not true - I just don't like hanging around musicians all the time.
85) October is my favorite month. Great weather, leaves, World Series, college football...
86) I'm a devout Christian.
87) I'm not a closed-minded, right-wing, fundamentalist bigot. (That's what people think when you tell them #86)
88) I always put a dash before my signature.
89) I'm left handed.
90) I'm introverted and generally kind of shy.
91) I'm about to be just became a dad.
92) I'm very excited about #91. Her name is Abigail and she's adorable.
93) I have a dog named Clovis.
94) We got Clovis from the pound.
95) We thought Clovis was a lab - he's a mutt and I'm convinced he's got some coyote in him.
96) My brain still thinks it's 1994.
97) I'm a big arena football fan. Hey, it's the best sport you've never heard of!
98) Being from Atlanta, I like the Braves and Falcons and, of course, Georgia Tech.
99) My wife wants me to assure you that I'm a "geek", not a "nerd". Yes, there is a subtle yet important difference.
100) I love making lists. I can totally relate to John Cusack's character in High Fidelity.


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