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August 18, 2008



How about the Biathlon in the winter Olympics that combines cross-country skiing with rifle shooting?

Kirk Schneemann

Mark, it was great to meet you tonight with JVo and the Westwinds gang from Jackson. I was really impressed with the show. You guys sounded great. I'll be following the tour via Twitter.

Blessings and peace,

Kirk Schneemann


I had never heard of steeplechase (for people) until a former co-worker told me her cousin was going to be competing in that event. ...and I forgot to watch it.... or tell Tivo to record it... oh well....

..but I am going to get to see Music Builds tomorrow in Indy... that's better than the Olympics in my book. :)


To me what's interesting is that some of these "minor" sports are either duplicates of other sports, or games we played in our backyard growing up. Examples of the "duplicates" would be things like rhythmic gymnastics, beach volleyball, steeplechase (sort of a hurdles + water race) and synchronized swimming/diving.

Examples of games we played in the backyard would be badminton, trampoline and table tennis (okay, that one was in the basement.) True, these things are all taken up a notch in skill/training/fitness. But it's difficult for me to reconcile, sometimes, how family reunion games qualify as Olympic events.

I do enjoy watching most of 'em though.


I had to laugh at the timing of your post (or at least the timing of me reading it).

You haven't seen all the obscure sports...my horses came up with one of their own. It's not in the Olympics yet, we'll have to perfect their synchronization a bit and then promote it or something but I posted the pictures this morning at http://moms-nuthouse.livejournal.com/29132.html

Dan Gross

Hopefully you remembered to ask Stephanie to TIVO the rhythmic gymnastics for you! I liked your moves at KB. If this rock star thing doesn't work out, maybe you can try out for the '12 US team! That is of course, once you win the discrimination case...


Don't get me wrong, I agree this is a fun idea for a blog...there are more obscure events about though aren't there???? This am I heard them talking about in the 1902 Olympics, one english lady won gold in the Poodle clipping event!!!! Now THAT'S obscure!!


Did you not notice any of this in '96...in Atlanta?


The trampoline event would be cool. I've seen it before. I really haven't watched the olympics at all, which is unusual because I normally love to watch the gymnastics at least. Have you seen the rhthmic gymnastics. IT's pretty cool to watch as well.


The walking thing just annoys me. I'm sorry. I don't mean to offend, but it always makes me think of rushing to the gym for recess in second grade. The teacher calls out, "Don't run! Walk." So we do that...move...I see the athletes do. Can't get that image out of my head.

Mark Lee

Wow. I thought I had a fun little blog post going there. The Australian judge disagrees. Must've been the dismount.


Ah Mark, hate to tell ya, but these events have been big for a long while now - do you live under a rock! :) In fact, our Aussie girl was Dq'd as she was entering the stadium in Sydney 2000 during the walk (it's not called speed walking!!) - it is quite a difficult sport to do sucessfully and legally. And the cycling - in the big bowl (called a veledrome), is very popular here - perhaps because we've been so good at it before!
I know it only happens every 4 years, but you've got to get with the program!!! lol

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