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August 13, 2008


Vinny Mac

I think songs like "Thief" and "Love Song" are some of the most powerful songs from Third Day. They are the most powerful and Third Day is most transparent because scripture is sung. God's Word. People need to be on our minds as Christians. Lost, sick, hurting, suffering, etc people. Because... That's what is on God's mind. People. You guys have an opportunity to share Christ with people that I will never have an opportunity to (Secular rock bands and members). So if your hearts set on the things of God, then by all means cross over to the secular world and spread the Gospel. Lord knows they need it. Keep in mind what Jesus said, "If the world hates you remmember that it hated me first." John 15:18. So if money and a lucritive career is the goal remember what Jesus said about serving two masters in Luke 16:13. Thanks guys for the music and inspiration you have given me!


Was at the totally awesome Raleigh show. I'm kind of a newbee to Christian music as I have only been listening about 2 years but have loved rock for my whole life (50 years). Only attended a handful of concerts in my life but have been to two Third Day concerts so far. What inspires me about Third Day is that you can rock the house and still send a profound message of God's love. At the M&G I told Mac that you were my favorite Christian Band. Afterward I thought favorite Christian vs who???? I guess that means your my favorite band period! Many of the songs on Revelation could cross over with much success. Your message is so important and I would love for the secular world to hear your music and be blown away like we are. I think Steven Curtis Chapman and Amy Grant have been successful crossovers and there are quite a few Country artists crossing over to our side for a song or two. As long as you remain true to your calling, it could be a great ride.

Charlene P.

First, totally awesome show last night guys. As I'm driving down Rt.17 today in Yorktown, VA I'm wondering why the rest of the world isn't blasting Third Day out of their car windows and singing at the top of their lungs....go figure. So, all this talk about "crossover"....you all want the definition of that...listen to Kid Rock's new CD, that dude "crosses over" a few times in that CD!! So no worries, you guys remember, what ever you say & do, or sing, let it be for the glory of the Lord. I know he must love hearing you guys, you all are such an inspiration. Your new producer seems to be doing great things with all your talent, so keep up the good work. Last year, my 12 year old son was selected to be in the 2007 Honor Roll of Little League, when asked what his favorite music group was...he said Third Day. Wow, I was impressed, I hope you guys are, you deserve it. We all have gone or will go through persecution of some type for the sake of our Lord, stand strong, you've already got the armour, just don't forget to put it on (nobody's perfect!) My favorite verse...John 12:46. Keep it real! Love you guys!!!


I was just thinking the other day as i was listening to songs like Show me your glory and King of Glory and i was kinda sad that not too many songs like these were on your newest album. I guess thats deliberate so that secular people wont be put off by the overt mention of Jesus or God, but as a longtime fan I enjoy songs that I can worship God singing to. I like to clean my house or drive alone and sing along with your CD's and that for me is one of my most treasured times of worship when i can be alone and just pour my heart out to God using your music. I find that hard to do with your newest CD, not that it isnt great and some of the songs do mention God but from my perspective I think the crossover is kind of shortchanging those of us who listen to your music for that purpose.

Gator Gomer

I know this is a late post, and I haven't read all of the other post or even what your thoughts are b/c I haven't been around, but my friends and I were discussing this the other day and I wanted to share that where your hearts are on any particular day or anyone else's hearts are, are really between you and the Lord. I chose to believe that God is speaking to me using Mac's voice and giving him the lyrics to say to me, and giving the band the talent that makes me want to listen. THAT my friends is just plain fun worship right there! His message will be heard to those that have ears. Amen?!! :^) lol Keep rockin' guys!!!


Wow! Sabrina's posting on 8/24 is right on the money!


Q.What do you think about the idea of "Christian crossover"?
A. If you don't sin I don't think anyone is really going to care about what field you play in. I think people can be disappointed when really good musicians start just singing secular though because then they miss out on well written music that really encourages or inspires them in their faith.

Q.What are some artists you think have successfully "crossed over" in your mind and done it in the right way?
A. To be honest I can't think of any. The only ones who I knew were christian kept it mostly under wraps so I only knew if someone told me. (And not that that's necessarily a bad thing, you can expect the same from many accountants, dentists and any other professional on the main street of your town overall.) The few who have been public have either compromised or made huge personal mistakes that have just made themselves and the faith look bad. I can't think of a single christian artist who I can really think of as maintaining their integrity as christians throughout their career in the secular industry. (And not that I'm an expert - but I just can't think of any.) People can expect perfection from christians (and that's christians as well as non-christians) but big, obvious things like adultry, divorce, affairs, drugs, using sex or attitude to market their stuff etc just make people call 'hypocrite'. I think the entertainment industry is one you really have to be careful to be called of God into because it's in the devils interests to make you look bad through compromise - and the entertainment industry is a world stage, unlike Dr Bobs up the road.

Q.Or do you think that Christians have no business participating in the culture at large?
A. I think that the above is used a lot to cause christians to compromise when they get there. The whole 'christianity is going to damn you if you participate in the arts' in my opionion has turned into a bit of a witchhunt in the opposite direction.
The only thing any christian should ever be really worried about is sin and compromise. And I think that's the only thing that real christians ever really have been worried about in this area.

Q.Do you use words like "sacred" and "secular", or as we in the band joke "circular"?
A. Yeah, but only because it's standard church lingo for this kind of stuff. But then there are gardening bibles, cooking bibles, do-it-yourself bibles, shoe bibles and normal bibles so I do believe that we need words to clarify God/non-God stuff when applicable.

Q.What do you think our role is?
A. Do what God tells you to do and stick to it (whatever that is)


Listen up people, Mercy me touched a lot of people when POP radio started playing "I can only imagine"

The very first time I heard "Run to you," I thought now that is a great song that MUST be played for EVERYONE to hear. POP Radio, Christian Radio, Alternative Radio, it just demands to be played.
Whether you want to call it Christian Corssover is irrelevant!

When people truly like a song, they will explore the deaper meaning. In the end, this will bring people more awareness of the message of Third Day!

Let's start requesting Third day's "Run To You" on all radio formats and start our on "revolution" so more people will go out and listen to the rest of "revelation!"


I don't really think in "secular" and "sacred". But I don't like the idea of Third Day the crossover version. I love your music, it always speaks to me in such an amazingly personal way. As far as your questions though...I think God will use as He sees fit to get His message out before His return. If He so chooses to throw you guys in the mainstream, I believe He will bring you through it maintaining your message. I pray for you guys daily...I know it's got to be a struggle being so boldly out there! But kudos for being recognized!!


The role of Third Day should be to write and sing and perform music that brings glory to Jesus-- if that is your total focus then everything else will fall in line. And that's been your role for over a decade. It shows. When your heart is right with God, then it will show on the outside. It always does.
I remember posting a comment shortly after you guys performed on the Tonight Show- concerned that you would be 'selling out'; trading God for fame and fortune. But after I saw your performance, I started to realize, we as Christians are supposed to be salt and light. Light is meant for a dark room, not a room that already has the lights on. If this is where God is leading you guys in "crossing over"-- then praise God, that He's providing more opportunites to reach those who would otherwise never ever darken the door of a church. It's kind of like when the Apostle Paul traveled to so many different places, proclaiming the message of salvation to anybody who would listen-- from those gathered in the market (Acts 17:17) to Caesar. He never watered down the message for any particular audience--rich or poor; slave or free.
I will continue praying for each of you guys that you would experience the presence of Christ wherever you are; in whatever you do. That you would stay so close to Him. Great ministry begins with deep intimacy with God. ---Hebrews 13:20-21


Without reading anyone else's post (so as not to be tainted, as Mark said)...

I think the term "crossover" congers up many different opinions many of which, if not all, based on past situations. A crossover, I believe is a case by case study. It depends on certain critical factors; media being "crossed-over", reasons and motives for a crossover, etc. To many, crossovers are quite simply the purposeful or even unintentional exclusion of the Gospel message in exchange for a larger, "secular" platform. Some even think of artist’s compromising crossovers as merely pawns in a game to make more money; band's selling out, some would say (and perhaps even be correct in all this). Also, thrown into the mix is the whole "separation of church" no-no mindset thing going on in today's culture (political correctness) that I find ever-more prevalent even among Christians. “You shouldn’t mix Christian lyrics in with that secular stuff… it doesn‘t belong there! You just don't do that! It‘s supposed to be kept in Christian music world" (or vice versa).

In the instance of Third Day, a crossover of the positive kind has been brewing and behind the scenes for some time now. Because of Third Day's talent (as best seen in its newest studio album - Revelation), the secular world has naturally taken notice and said "we really like that." Also, in this case, Third Day is not being crossed over, but has caused, only through God’s grace and provision, a crossover. Quite literally, it appears, the message of the Cross is being taken to a larger audience instead of being excluded or watered-down. As we've seen time and time again, the band would rather call it quits and close up shop before it changes its message (read the June 7 Billboard article or Mark and Tai's blogs, for starters). I, for one, am extremely excited to see how much further God takes this band of 15+ years. As each member and the band as a whole remains faithful to God and keeps Him as their first love, the sky is the limit for this “Christian Crossover.”


"Crossover" is a label, and like other labels it is prejudicial in its effect. It's a term that influences people who are listening to your music. Some people will be negatively influenced, and others will make up their own minds. Most of the songs on "Revelation" should be acceptable in the mainstream because their message is subtle. There is a lot of metaphor in the lyrics, and the melodies are contemporary. But there is a reality coming through the way you perform it. It's a combination of the lyrics, melody and delivery. If your motive is to reach out to people in the highways and byways, and lead them in a direction that is above Third Day, it will be evident when you see the results.


Isn't Jesus the original "crossover" artist?


I never really thought about the term "crossover" before. I guess as long as you guys have the peace of God with you and you keep letting the light of Jesus shine and you continue to be witnesses for Christ, that is what matters. Who cares about the "labels"?

Corrine aka Mama Gomer

Dang! Look at those long comments! I knew I heard the sound of someone opening a can of worms the other day. ;-)

Dan Gross

I've already shared my rambles on the idea of crossing over but there is a lot of talk about "labels" and why are they necessary, can't it all just be called "rock music?" I have a couple of points to add there, and while I'm not much for "labels" myself they are things that make them, to me, a "necessary evil."
--"Safety:" I know when I turn on a CCM radio station that it will be words that I would not mind my kids (6 and 8) singing. They will make their choices concerning their musical tastes over time, but while I have influence on them I'd like to be able to turn on the radio and know that I won't have to switch the station every couple of songs. CCM stations (which seemed to have earned themselves some disdain over and above "Christian music" in general) are the only place I feel I am guaranteed that while being guaranteed some variety in music styles.
--"Exposure:" Who here thinks that Third Day would be where they are today if they were glommed into the secular arena? Without Christian Radio and other non-secular outlets who here would have even heard of them? I really doubt that "eliminating the labels" would make Third Day stand out more than they do now. They are an outstanding band putting out great music, but even if we pretend that 3D's entire catalog was "Wire"/"Revelation" type material, would eliminating the "Christian Rock" moniker suddenly propel them to the tops of the "Active Rock" charts? Very likely no. It's a real shame, but in this multi-media conglomerate culture it's not about how good you are, it's about how you're promoted, about "who" likes you, and where you are willing to go (and what you are willing to spend) to get "them" to like you, combined with a lot of luck. I'm sure the boys can tell you that happens even within the Christian music industry, but while 3D is a "big fish in a small pond" in the Christian Music realm, without the Christian venues/fans/radio opportunities, they would most likely be a small fish in a very big "rock" pond.

So while some of you look down upon Christian Radio as being the "most milquetoast of the most milquetoast" it's because of Christian radio that I discovered bands like Third Day. So while the whole of the "Christian industry" does have its problems, it also has purpose...

And while I've already way overused my alloted column-space, let me add just a brief coda to "crossover:" people seem to talk like "crossing over" is limited to bands going from Christian to mainstream secular, but it applies to any sub-genre where a performer gets a mainstream following. And having been a fan of blues music for many years I've seen my share of acts considered "sell-outs" or "not real blues" etc when they achieve some mainstream success (especially when it comes via collaborations with mainstream artists). While some are "purists" who carry a very strict definition of what is/isn't blues (perhaps like the "JPM Christians"), there are some elements of folks who really are just upset that they have lost some ...intimacy...with the artist. Those folks who say "I can remember 4 years ago seeing him in a bar and there were 20 people there, now he is playing 10,000 seat arenas." Yeah, I get it, your secret is out and perhaps you can't spend time talking with the artist between sets any more, but would you really deny them this exposure/success for your own personal sense of connectedness? And while 3D has had a strong amount of success within the genre and "crossover success," unless extreme, would have not quite as drastic a change in venue, perhaps what the above-mentioned blues fan "fears" in success from a physical-emotional connection standpoint comes out in "Christian fans" who fear the same from a spiritual connection standpoint...

Ok...I'll shut up now...

Thom Mac

I noticed that this is an older blog but boy do I have opinions.
I have working in the Christian Music industry for several companies over multiple years, I even once helped form a small but somewhat successful music label (well we had one great band and a bunch of others). I would never ever start, work for, or even entertain the idea of a christian anything company. I believe that we are to be salt and light in the world and if you are working for a "Christian" company you are not following the commands that Jesus set out before us. I believe that all things that have been created to be a part of our Christian Subculture should be torn down and destroyed. If we all spent enough time in the word of god it would not matter when we were tested or had trials put before us.

Jackie @ where the boys are

I only started listening to CCM about 8 years ago. My issue is that the quality of this genre is not always up to par with other types of music we hear on the radio. I grew up listening to all types of music and therefore have an eclectic taste in music. I like everything from country to top 40, bluegrass to 80's hair bands, Motown to Southern Rock. (It was that Southern Rock sound that drew me to Third Day - one of the first Christian bands I started listening to.)

Music is a great communication tool and if it can be used to communicate the Gospel, no matter how subtle, then do it! I don't buy the whole "watered down message" argument for a minute. If we could flood the airwaves with quality music, unforgettable hooks and clean(maybe even inspirational)lyrics then would it really matter how we labeled it? Because if that could happen, then I wouldn't have to switch the radio station every time I hear the likes of "I kissed a girl, and I liked it."

But, in the words of Dennis Miller, "That's just my opinion. I could be wrong."


I think when the media uses the term crossing over they expect that you are going to leave your Christian roots behind and only produce secular music after that. I really think that (I believe it was Mac) the statement was made to the question that you guys have always been up front about being a Christian Rock band and that is not going to change. If it allows more people to hear the music and the message than I think it is a good thing. I think several artists have managed to live in both arena's and I really don't consider that truly crossing over. If you are making your music with a Christian focus and it just happens to spawn a Billboard Top 100 hit does that mean it isn't Christian anymore?


A broader audience will undoubtedly bring greater possibilities for reaching others for the Lord. Regardless of the "JPM" factor, your music is obvious in it's heart & intention. You can't pick up a Third Day CD without being made well aware that you are Christians & without it touching others souls. Ron on this blog made me realize, you know maybe therin lies the reason so many of us aren't crazy about the term being used. I'll agree that it does seem to imply leaving one thing for another. One could take it to mean leaving faith...but really maybe it's just the wrong way to look at it from this crazy label they plastered under your photo. I wouldn't be too excited for them to categorize you that way. But I saw a post Tai did about the "JPM" thing & he's so right. You don't always call someone constantly by name when you have developed a relationship with them. And as he said, the name of the band is obvious...so, reach as many, any place that you can in my humble opinion. But nevermind us, as long as you continue to seek the face of God in your decisions God will lead you. Look what he's done so far! :)


I think I'm with the majority. There's nothing wrong with "crossing over" and I think the term is unfortunate. It implies that Christian artists are giving up their faith to sing for the heathens. I think that is a far overblown concern. There is no 11th commandment saying "thou shalt only talk to, interact with, perform for and/or listen to those who share your ideology to a 99.73% rate of commonality." It's downright Pharisaical (is that a word?) to say people are no longer being Christian when they sing a song that doesn't explicitly mention Christ, or which has appeal to non-believers. To me, it's a blessing that non-believers are interested. It opens another door of commonality between they and I on which I can build a witnessing relationship.


I think it's a media label, not really reflective of reality. I think if your heart and your message are in the same place they've always been (grounded in the Word), the only difference is who might be exposed to hearing your music. Is Rick Warren a crossover, or a sellout? How about Billy Graham, or Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins? They both have engaged a wider, more secular audience, to reach their ears for a Godly message. Why should musicians be any different?

Diane (Yippy)

I have nothing to add other than to let Janet know that working in a church can be or feel very secular! The hardest jobs I've had were working for churches.

Where are the folks on the other side of this debate? I'm just wondering...


You certainly know how to work up a response . . .

I agree with all of the above . . . or below . . . however, my response falls in the lineup.

HOWEVER, I will add one question that I would really appreciate an answer to from an artist's perspective. Why is it Christian musicians seem to be concerned about crossing over to secular? Why isn't the focus to stay grounded in faith and the "secular" to cross over to the other side? (no pun intended)


i don't really kno what christian crossover maens but it doensn't sound so great.

I think your role is to be a good example to young people like me and even the older people bacause there are not many people that I and many others can look up to. I'm glad I can say that i look up to you guys and you and your music have a huge effect on my life. I would like to say thanx for being such great christian rile models and i hope you don't change. I hope you stay in touch with God and not turn out like all these other weird bands.

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