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June 19, 2008


Diane (Yippy)

How do you all remember WHEN you saw something? The only movie I remember seeing in the summer was JAWS and that's only because I was crammed in a car at the old Drive In Theatre and got attacked by screaming girls when JAWS surfaced. I know I've seen a bazillion since then, but I wouldn't know what I saw when (except Lord of the Rings, because of the anticipation, & all Disney movies that came out in December in time for my son's birthday).


I don't remember which movies I've seen are summr ones or not, but here are some horrible ones and some great ones

Great: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; Transformers; Enchanted(I know this one's not a summer blockbuster, but it was awesome); Shrek

Horrible: Nacho Libre (GAG!!!! The worst movie I ever saw, literally. I didn't even atch the end); The Ring (ver scary, but boring otherwise); any of the Scary Movies


Best: Star Wars
Worst: can't recall


Worst: Snakes on a Plane *but I did have a good laugh*

Best: I'd have to say either Transformers *released on my birthday, 2007* or Talladega Nights *released my sister's birthday 2006*


For this summer, I'd say... Iron Man is the best so far and the worst... The Strangers, as far as movies I've seen this summer.

jeff atwood

Best: Spiderman
Worst: The Bad News Bears Go to Japan


Best: Star Wars (I was eight and it changed everything)
Worst: Matrix Reloaded (So bad that I have never bothered to see
the third one)

David Huey

thanks for the credit for the ajc story!

Best: Braveheart
Worst: Alexander

Joe Tolley

Best: Jurassic Park

Worst: I'm still seeing counseling about Armageddon.

Out of category, but check out "King of Kong," if you haven't already. Painfully hilarious.


Best: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (the first two prequels might not have been that great, but for me, Revenge of the Sith delivered)
Worst: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

DeWayne Hamby

Best: Die Hard
Worst: Speed 2: Cruise Control


Wow... I don't go to to many movies (the last one was The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe) so I don't even recall what was a summer blockbuster, vs. any other time of year. I did really like Batman Begins, though. I saw a really bad dragon movie last year (I'll have to find the title) but I don't think it was a blockbuster. LOL

Someone mentioned Raiders of the Lost Ark, and that was definitely a great summer blockbuster.


Best: E.T.

Worst: The Day After Tomorrow


best: die hard 4
worst: wedding crashers - does this count as a summer blockbuster? it was all hyped up and then was too long and not that funny.


Mark, Batman Begins has the distinction of a summer flick with a big budget and things getting blown up, but it does have a good plot. It is also one of my all-time favorite summer time flicks.

Also on my list:

Shrek (the original)
Raiders of the Lost Ark (also the original)

jarrod morris

Best: Iron Man

Worst: Indiana Jones 4

Tom Soto

Best: Jaws (Dating myself, but really got us thinking about the water especially here in California)

Worst: Wild, Wild West (Horrible, enough said!)


Can't decide on 'Best' yet - but the first 'Worst' that comes to mind is the new 'Zohan' movie.

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