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June 25, 2008



I wasn't a huge hair band fan, but there were a few who were good: Queensryche, Bon Jovi (I like them more now than I did in the day), Def Leppard.

I lost any affinity I had for G&R when I saw them in concert. Highly disappointing to me, but whatcha gonna do? Not everyone is cut out for every band.


I'm always late on these things... but for obvious reasons I have to say Blonz first, Bon Jovi, Def Lepard, Skid Row (almost named Chance- Sebastian Bach), CINDERELLA, White Snake,

(can I list JACKYL since they were cutting up the bar stools in the Cavern when I was working there even if they didn't have a CD out yet... LOL)
Warrant- loved me some Jannie Lane
Mr Big
SteelHeart (who has a new CD coming out in Sept)

that is just some of the ones I remember going to see


I REALLY hate I missed this day (I was camping out in PA at Creation Northeast). Can I still tell you???

Mine would be:
RATT -saw them in Raleigh and the opening band was someone called Bon Jovi (loved it!!)

Dokken- just wow

Motley Crue- my mom actually bought me concert tickets for Greensboro...yeah not sure she knew what she was sending me to!

Whitesnake-loved the hair!!!

KIX - not too many people knew them but I loved listening to their music

and even though Scorpions don't fit they are still my favorite...I just can't seem to take that cd out of my car.

Loved the responses...nice trip back in time.


I gotta go with Queensryche and the Cult. QR's Operation Mindcrime/Empire was not really typical hairband but I still put them there.





Aldo Nova

... and all the other bands mentioned

(OK .... where's my Aqua NEt??)


Censorship! I cry, CENSORSHIP! My comment never did show up...

My most vivid memory of a Hair Metal band concert experience (of which there were several) was Tommy Lee in that plexiglass drum tumbler. That was too cool for school.

Great White. I wore that TWICE SHY cassette out that one summer.

Mindy Class

Def Leppard!


So, um, I guess this is the part where I confess I never got into Hair Metal.


Dawnifer Gomer

I'd have to go with Bon Jovi as well. I can even remember getting my own mother to sing "Bad Medicine". I love Jon Bon Jovi's acting skills too! He is no De Niro but what stuff I have seen him in was good.

jason (jabob)

Man, I loved hair metal way too much. In fact, it probably kept me from appreciating other really good music made during the 80’s. At any rate; here are my top ten in alphabetical order.

1.Bon Jovi: I loved them from “Runaway” on (and I think I’m one of the few that actually loves the second album).
2.Def Leppard: I think “Pyromania” was the first hard rock album I ever bought.
3.Dokken: My brothers and I used the phrase “Rockin’ like Dokken” without an ounce of irony.
4.Faster Pussycat: Forget that ballad stuff they made money on; I dug the trashy first album.
5.Guns N Roses: It seemed like they took what was already there; drug it through a mud puddle and reminded us metal was dirty. Awesome.
6.Motley Crue: I remember listening to “Shout at the Devil” on vinyl.
7.Poison: I still have the cassette of “Open Up and Say…Ahh!” with the cover that was recalled because it was considered obscene or satanic; you can get something like that when you go the first day to buy a new release.
8.Ratt: “Invasion of Your Privacy” was one of the best hair metal albums ever.
9.Tesla: Their songwriting transcended the genre.
10.White Lion: These guys got shafted by record companies like you would not believe or they would have been bigger.


Totally agree with Poison, just saw Bret Michaels on "Don't Forget The Lyrics" and he was great. Favorite is "Something To Believe In". Def Leppard is also an all-time favorite, especially the "Hysteria" album. I have an acoustic disc of Def Leppard with "Animal", "Armageddon It", "Pour Some Sugar On Me", "When Love & Hate Collide", "Two Steps Behind" and "From The Inside", which really shows how amazing Def Leppard was musically. Also, Bon Jovi, of course. Favorite Bon Jovi song ever is "Never Say Goodbye".


This is an awesome post! I just learned 18 & Life by Skid Row on my guitar so that album has been in my CD player for weeks. Slaughter was a band I loved. Man, I even snuck out one weekend to catch them playing in concert. FLY, fly to the angels.


Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, and Poison!


Oh hey Mark, I think the Christian Hair Metal Day is a fantastic idea!!! Please do it because I have even more Christian metal bands to list that never get their dues!!!

Tom Soto

Ahh, that brings back memories of cruising the Sunset Strip back in the 80's. Big hair, Glam Rock, The Roxy, Troubadour, The Whiskey, The Starwood, I got to see a lot of those types of bands back in the day. I grew up in the same area as Motley Crue's Tommy Lee & Vince Neal and saw them play back yard parties before Crue was formed, so they definitely fit the bill for me. Other LA Hair Bands:
Guns n Roses-The best of all in my opinion.
Great White-another backyard band done good.
Quiet Riot-Randy Rhodes, great guitarist, taken too soon.
Ratt-Milton Berle in drag?
Poison-Not LA native, but LA born.


OK, this might get disqualified on a number of technicalities (namely that the band was made up of guys from other super-groups, and even though they actually formed in '89, they didn't have what would be considered a hit until the 90's), but I'm throwin' in with Damn Yankees...


I decided that I just HAD to reply! As far as secular goes, I'm a Guns 'N Roses/Bon Jovi girl, Christian metal Whitecross and Bride. Which I think now I'm going to give a listen!

Oh and I recently got Bride "Show No Mercy" how oldschool!!!


What was I doing in the 80's?!!!! Obviously not listening to much music (but raising babies, yes)... now if you want to talk about the late 60's or early 70's... I CAN comment on that music.


Gotta throw in Guardian's "Miracle Mile", still sounds great. I agree on Bride, "Snakes in the Playground" is classic.

How about a few obscure ones that noone has heard of like:
Eyes (featuring Jeff Scott Soto)
Sleaze Beez

Definitely agree on Winger getting a bad rap. Saw them a few years ago, way better than I ever expected.

Looking forward to the Extreme/ King's X tour.

Mama Gomer

Late 80's? Sorry, I was busy having babies and listening to Carmen.

Randy Williams

OK...are you ready for this Mark? Let's get obscure...some of my fave 80s metal memories (in no particular order):

Skid Row -- Slave to the Grind is by far the best metal album/song of the 80s (Take that Axl!)
Enuff Z'nuff -- What would happen if the Beatles had access to Ibanez guitars and JCM 800s.
L.A. Guns -- for some reason, I always thought of them as darker and more punk than GnR
Rough Cutt -- Awful name, HUGE hair, and had Amir Derekh on guitar (went on to form Orgy)
Ozzy Osbourne -- Randy Rhoads the main reason I kept playing guitar through high school
Badlands -- Jake E Lee is the other reason I kept playing guitar
Vandenburg -- obscure european band featuring, obviously, Adrian Vandenburg on guitar
Whitesnake -- they're not obscure, but come on...they had Adrian Vandenburg AND Steve Vai in the band
Hurricane -- Formed by younger brothers of Rudy Sarzo and Carlos Cavazo
Kingdom Come -- Led Zep rip...but still so good!
Scorpions -- HUGE fan of the Scorps! Me and Barry Graul can dish about the Schenkers all day!!
Night Ranger -- Come on!! "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" is still the BOMB!
Iron Maiden -- not so much "hair" metal, but Piece of Mind rocked my Niko McBrains out!!
King's X -- C.S. Lewis plus Texas plus Metal equals BEST OF ALL TIME
RATT -- Their first two cassettes completely wore out on me. Had to buy them over and over...
Queensryche -- The Warning and Operation:Mindcrime still sound great
Jane's Addiction -- Nothing's Shocking changed it all and ushered in alterna-metal (RHCP, Faith No More, Fishbone, Living Colour, etc)
Dweezil Zappa - Havin' a Bad Day and My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama...I wanted to be him!
Little Caesar -- Are you kidding me? They covered Aretha's "Chain of Fools."

And yes, I'm in total agreement about Cinderella, Bon Jovi, Extreme, and Tesla. And, even though it came out in 1991 and probably isn't really "hair" metal...can we have a moment to praise Drivin N Cryin's "Fly Me Courageous." I'll end with that...otherwise I'll literally be here all afternoon. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Mark Jaffrey

Best Extreme record by a long way was III Sides to Every Story. I loved how they tried to revamp the concept album theme. PLus their songwriting was so darned musical, not just riff-based, but truly complex. I suppose that's why I like Muse so much too.

Daniel Ross

Bon Jovi, easily. I mean, I just ponied up hundreds of dollars a few months back to see them live in 2008.

I would love to see Extreme (saw Cherone with Van Halen in 1998, believe it or not).

The Nelson video for "More Than Ever" made me want to play guitar (sad but true).

Def Leppard. Poison. Steelheart had that one song that still makes me smile 'cause it's just so EPIC. :-)


I have to agree with Derek...Stryper heads the list. BTW did you hear that Michael Sweet is now touring with BOSTON! How cool is that???

Here are a few more to clear away some cobwebs of our memories...1. Lita Ford 2. Dokken (awesome vocals) 3.Joan Jett (I love Rock n' Roll) 4. Twisted Sister 5. Sabotage (My band ~We played the circuit of clubs that Twisted Sister played in Westchester County - New York!!! (Dee...remember The green room at the "Genesis" in Yorktown, NY???) 6. In the Southern Rock genre the Outlaws were smokin' and immediately come to mind.

Lori Broach

My favorite is Bon Jovi. I also like Nelson. I'm guessing most would call them a chick band, but I'm a chick so that's OK. I like Skid Row too. I nearly fell over when I saw Sebastian Bach on Gilmore Girls. Besides being surprised to see him on a show like that, he just hadn't aged at all. Freaky.

I have this odd desire to put on a pair on acid-washed jeans. Thankfully, I no longer have any.

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