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May 22, 2008



I have been asking myself "Why" for about 24 hours. I keep thinking "I don't understand why something like this would happen to him, such a servant of God." I have nothing. No reasons, no understanding, no nothing. I am praying about it, but mostly for their comfort, and that they find the solace I seek also. They need it more than some random fan who doesn't even know the family. I listened to the song "With Hope" and just started crying. I think sometimes that's all you can do, knowing that God is still there, even if the world falls apart around you.

Rose R

Truly, you have said it best... "those prayers have been mostly wordless". And 'pray like we have never prayed before' as Stephanie stated.


I hope the Chapmans are feeling the outpouring of love and support from the Christian community and their dear friends in the CCM industry. I know that is probably like a band-aid on a gaping wound, but I hope they know we are all praying and hoping they find comfort in His arms at this terrible time. I said many uneloquent and some angry prayers today. The one true thing we know is Maria is with her Lord and Savior now, and she is in peace.


Mark... you are so right... no words can be orchestrated to express how we feel or what we should say... only groans. As a parent of four, my mind cannot conceive what the Chapman's must be going through. When I try to put myself in their shoes my mind won't even allow it and I am only left with a hollow pit in my stomach and an aching heart. I know it was heartbreaking hearing that song... I want you to think of something from a different angle. Ten summers ago I saw Steven in concert at Camp Lejeune... it was only days after my sister had been killed in a car wreck. I had no intentions of going because I was so distraught... we already had tickets because the original date for the concert was a couple weeks earlier but canceled due to lightning... you guys were on the bill for the original show but couldn't make the make up date... you may remember that. I'm glad I went because hearing Steven singing his songs I felt as if I were the only one there and the Holy Spirit was singing directly to me. They brought me comfort and hope... it was/is a process of dealing with the loss of my sister but music like yours and Steven's reminds us that God is near and that we aren't home yet. The roller-coaster ride of grief takes us through a gamut of emotions including anger and despair. My heart breaks for those who are just getting on it for I know it is a long ride that never seems to end... Steven and his family will never be the same. I think it is normal and fitting to ask God "why?"... afterall... we are his children. I have asked that question many times... still do. In a dream I was reminded that God doesn't always give us the answers to "why" but He does keep His promises. All we can really do is stand on those promises. Mark... what you do is far more important than you will probably ever know and I appreciate musicians like Third Day and Steven Curtis Chapman... you keep us ever mindful of those promises... your gift is a healing salve. Maybe that salve you guys so unselfishly give will help heal yourselves. May the Lord bless you, comfort you and your family and do the same for the Chapman's.


Glad I am not the only one to feel this way but is so sad to see this be. :( God be with the Chapmans family and friends bring them comfort in their hour of need.

Joan Young

I wish I could give you a big Ol' hug.
Let your Spirit mourn, Mark. Its ok.
You dont need words. I pray that the Lord ministers to your heart and gives you peace as you walk with your friend in his time of turmoil.
We are praying for the Chapman's too.
As for Why....sadly, we do know the answer to that.


Exactly Mark. I can't put what I feel on 'paper' yet because I can't make sense of it myself. I just can't comprehend it. Wordless prayers are just about it.


Glad to know I am not the only one who has no words.

Blessings and Peace.



Mark, wasn't sure if you all had seen the site for Maria - http://chapmanchannel.typepad.com/inmemoryofmaria/ - words aren't enough. The video is amazing and reiterates to me how we have to daily love on our kids and family like there is no tomorrow... while we are blessed to have them with us on earth until we all reunite in heaven one day.

- Matt

Gabriel Jones

I have tried but still can't find the words. Why do things like this happen? God's plans and intentions are so much greater than ours...and that right now is the only explanation I can come up with. And it's taken me almost an entire day to even come up with that...I just don't know what else to say.

Adam Riggins

Yeah, to me it's one of those things that no matter what words I could type down or pray, none of them are significant. I have NO IDEA what they are going through, and it really puts what I worry about into perspective. Maybe this is one of those situations where we just pray for God's peace to fall on them, and leave it at that. Let God be the one who fixes hearts in His time, and let us be the ones who are just "there", if that makes sense.


I, too, heard Cinderella on the radio shortly after I received word of this tragedy, and I broke down! My heart just aches so much for them! I also spent all night in prayer, but it was pretty much the same prayer over and over because there were just no words. There are still no words. I jumped at the chance to offer my condolences on Steven's website, but then just sat there blankly staring at the page. All I could come up with is "Many prayers for Steven, Mary Beth, and the entire Chapman family." It's so strange...when something like this happens, the word that always comes to my mind first is "sorry". I want so badly to tell these people how sorry I am that this happened. But this time, "sorry" isn't anywhere NEAR enough!

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