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April 25, 2008



OH YES... You know you're a geek when you use the word 'facetious' in a sentence in the second grade...


I watched the first episode of the second Dr. Who series this past weekend. It was one of the best Dr. Who episodes ever...

It was hilarious. The other band guys all had pretty much the same reaction. They'd walk in, look at the TV, smile one of those smiles that says "poor geek", and then do a 180 and walk out.


the Torchwood DVDs are available in America (at most electronics stores and online)--but do remember, Torchwood is for a slightly older audience than Dr. Who. It deals with more adult themes, IMO.


O.K. This is unrelated to the post, but how do we respond to your twitter comments. I'm thinking of this one:
"just finished an hour cleaning up after the daughter. she is making a new mess with more determination than ever." There is a man by the name of Greg Harris who did homeschooling workshops. One of the things he said, was "always allow children to make messes, never allow them to leave them." I wish I would have heard that when my kids were young enough to establish good patterns in that regard. Just thought I'd pass that gem along. :)


I think I saw a few Dr. Who shows from long ago, but don't remember them much. I've seen the new one. I rather like the characters. IT's an odd program. I haven't totally followed it, but I've seen enough to at least get a little of the idea. I never could afford Nickelodeon when my kids were growing up, so I am not familiar with the other programs.


Question: are Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures available on DVD in the States? If so, I've been missing out.

Also, I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't watched the new Dr. Who since the first series. That's all about to change, though, as I'm the proud owner of the Series Two DVD set!

And if ANYBODY has a line on those Nickelodeon Third Eye shows on DVD, please let me know!!!

Mark M

Doctor Who makes me proud to be British! On a flip side I wonder if you ever saw a British sci-fi comedy called "Red Dwarf" that had it's heyday in the early-mid 1990s. Cheap flimsy sets, bad science fiction and absolutely hilarious!


I loved Dr. Who so much that I was a card-carrying member of NADWAS (the North American Dr. Who Appreciation Society--for those of you not quite so geeky). When I went out on dates on Friday, my dates would have to wait until at least 6 to leave, since Dr. Who was on from 5:30 to 6 on my local station. The boyfriend I married would sit down and watch them with me--he became a huge fan--and together, we initiated our daughter and her boyfriend into the tradition with the new series, and Torchwood, and the Sarah Jane chronicles...

Joan Young/Godgrl Gomer

Does that mean I am a Geek Geek too, simply because I know what those acronyms are???



I'm a big fan Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy. I got hooked on the books when I was 12; discovered the BBC broadcasts and geeked out all over again. :)

coo dad

I am comfortable and secure in my geekdom. This is geeky geek stuff, like Star Trek: TNG, LOTR, D&D, and PHP. I'm so geeky that I feel comfortable posting those acronyms with no explanation.

DeWayne Hamby

I can totally relate to watching geeky shows.
-On Nickelodeon, I watched "backwards skits" and a young Alanis Morrissette get slimed on "You Can't Do That on Television!"
-I LOVED "Sigmund the Sea Monster," "Land of the Lost" and the other live action Sid & Marty Kroft shows on Saturday mornings.
-I was (still am) a comic geek, reading, collecting and even making my own with my friend in middle and elementary school.
-My prized Halloween costume was a fancy Darth Vader helmet that I scared the neighborhood kids with.
Okay, I probably need to reign it all back in, but as you can see I identify.

Emily Payne aka EmmoGomer

You are talking about shows I have never heard of......and they are English shows! I must have missed out BIG time as a child.
The old Tom Baker Dr Who had me trembling behind a cushion on my Grandfather's lap as a kiddie. I wonder if I would have the same reaction now :os.
I tended to watch more of hte US shows like Buck Rogers *sigh* and (not sci-fi) Batman and Robin.
Eeeeeeeeeh them were the days :D


Google this: [Your DVD player make and model] hack

There are many websites out there that tell you how to put in a simple code to make your DVD player all-region. Technically, this isn't yet legal in the US, but I have heard that it is being fought. Here in Australia, the courts have already determined that DVD player makers must provide the code to make your player all-region.

Joan Young/Godgrl Gomer

You might actually like this site, Mark. Dont know if you already know it.
My hubby & his best friend visit there a lot. They have ordered some cool Star Wars stuff for Elijah's 7th birthday. Well they say its for him. I am not so convinced....haha

Joan Young/Godgrl Gomer

Yes I am a Geek...I admit it...but I think I am a different breed of Geek. I am almost technologically illiterate!!!

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