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March 20, 2008



Mark... I just read the article. And to think Mr. Bell came by this idea while "observing cows expel gas." How can you not admire a guy like that??


Mark... I just read the article. And to think Mr. Bell came by this idea while "observing cows expel gas." How can you not admire a guy like that??


Great point, Chris. I didn't even realize that the article had mentioned global warming until I just re-read it.

I emailed Bell Plantation about it. Hopefully their response will enlighten us all :)


Mark, the way I read it, Bell's hydrocarbons are basically the same as fossil fuels, just made much faster. He even says that no changes to cars, etc. would be needed to use his hydrocarbons. So I would suspect that the carbon impact would be identical.
He does say at the end that this would "calm global warming fears", but he never says why. I have my doubts.
A short term solution? OK, but Bell doesn't sound like that is his plan. He seems to be thinking long term.


I didn't see any mention of J.C. Bell's views on fossil fuels and climate change. Also no info on what the environmental impact of his proposed fuel. Regardless of that, I think something like this could be a great middle step. It sure would be cool to get our fuel locally.

Seth Reese

This is just a temporary fix. We have to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. You know, get rid of that carbon footprint.


Clearly Bell is one that denies the link between fossil fuels and climate change.

through genetic modification and cloning of bacterial organisms
Isn't this the opening premise of one of those apocalyptic films that have been so popular as of late?

It will be interesting to see what happens next.


Jeff Hammes

Mark, thanks for posting this. This might be a huge delevopment. Is there is enough bio-mass to continually support our spiraling consumption?


Don't get too excited yet. It probably won't lower the price of gas any time soon.


Don't get too excited yet. It probably won't lower the price of gas any time soon.


It would be awesome to lessen our dependence on foreign oil - tha would be incredible. Can't say I wouldn't be pretty nervous if I was this inventor, though. :-)

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