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February 18, 2008


cool dad

If you all have any questions, please post them. Maybe we can all help each other out.


I've been living out a self-imposed lostness since the beginning of Season Two...


Well, since I haven't watched it, I'm indeed "Lost". ;)


Seriously! I agree, this season doesn't *feel* the same as earlier ones - but I trust these folks to make it all click in the end. I have not been able to go to all the web sites and stuff - but from what I understand the producers/writers answered some questions about things during some online activities - and my assumption is that since not everyone participated in those, they will end up revealing things to us on the show.

The one cool thing that they've done with all of this is that WE are in the same position as the passengers - we learn things about the island and its mysteries as the castaways do. BUT - we have the advantage of seeing the flashbacks/forwards, so we just have a touch more information on peoples motivations - things the other castaways don't know about each other.

Getting ready to watch last Thursdays episode right now. Perhaps I will come back here when I'm done, freaking out. :)


The flash forwards don't seem to have the same spirit as the rest of the show has had. It seems, at least to me anyway, that it's taken a corporate twist instead of the supernatural beginning it had. I'm not enjoying this season at all so far . . . but I won't quit watching. I've got this much time invested in this show. I've got to follow it to the end. Hopefully, it will get better.

cool dad

I guess I'm just a LOST geek, but I feel like I have a handle on what's going on -- at least considering what they've given us.

Like we hear, there's a war coming between those who have a connection with the island and those who want to exploit it. And the flash-forwards are the results of that conflict and how the Oceanic 6 is starting to have regrets.

Man, is it Thursday yet?

adam riggins

As someone who tends to check out the spoiler sites (and regret it most of the time!), I can say this: Answers are coming, and soon. Numbers, Smoke Monster, etc. They showed us something at the end of Season 3, and we are now seeing how we get from here to there, and all the mystery in between.


Hang in there, my brotha. I think it's hard to judge after three new season episodes. They are moving so fast right now and overloading us with new info--Sayeed as a murderer? Kate having to get "back" to someone? Hurley locked up again? A whole new team on the island? The bracelets? I have faith. Personally, I think it is pretty amazing right now. We have just become so accustomed to seeing them in their element (the island) and now things are changing. It's like taking a show like Las Vegas and following the characters in Nashville. I can't wait for Thursday.

Reg Bertrand

I agree. Season 1 seems a distant past and the elements that made it a good show then seem to be forgotten. What about the numbers? They were supposedly to have great significance. Maybe we find out later. But it is looking more and more that the focus is now all about Ben. Everything else was just teasers.

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