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May 23, 2007


Diane (Yippy)

Isn't a twinkie bad enough alone, nevermind with RED & coconut added??? You can have my share of the zinger in the garbage...ewww, gag...

Re: the 5 second rule (it's 10 for me, btw)...depends on what it drops ON.


I'm assuming you're talking about Zingers. Man are they delicious. I almost would pick one of those out of the trash ala George Castanza :)


I'm thinking it's a matter of texture. If we're talking about a chip or a candy bar you can brush off, okay. But what if it's something more sponge-like, like one of those red twinkies covered in coconut? Wait. Bad example. I'm eating the red coconut covered twinkie, regardless.

jason (jabob0

I'm eating it: I refuse to be another germaphobic ninny.


I didn't see the mythbusters version.

I'm off chocolate, so I'll have to go with the Skittles. LOL But I am not at all surprised if you go for the Twix bar, Mark. I know you like them. ;) I'm sure most of us have pushed the limits on this a few times without consequence, although in general, it's better to keep things clean. LOL

And Wendy, the human mouth is supposed to be one of the dirtiest things around, and I don't mean the language. ;)




Do you watch Mythbusters? Jamie and Adam did this too and busted the myth. It was a very interesting show. In fact this is kinda gross but our tongues had lots of bacteria on it! EEEWWWW!!!!

connor Mccullough

hmm, dunno about 30 seconds, but the 10 second rule is a definate for me

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