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August 30, 2004



I was jumping up and down in my living room yelling the song. And yelling "GO MARK! YOU ROCK!"

Awesome solo Mark--that should be in there every concert!!

And wonderful job on Leno! Liked the outfit:)


What a week guys!! How awesome! Had to go buy some VCR tapes just to record all the stuff on tv...got the World Pulse Festival, the RNC, and Jay Leno. Got 60 minutes to tape too....be sure to write in the journal on the website. And AWESOME solo Mark....you just plain rawk!!!!!


You guys were incredible!! Because you were so great, today I'm celebrating all things Mark Lee!


Yeah, the board count was def up tonite! It was kinda fun! It was almost the same as all of us at the same show.
My living room was pretty crazy, during the song. Me jumping around,singing and clapping. kids dancing and yelling. dogs running around, and barking!

Awesome opportunity for you guys! It's too bad that you didn't get a chance to talk. Everyone else did!
Yeah, we're holding you all up in prayer, Mark.



Y'all did a fantastic job tonight! You put so much energy and heart into the song. Everyone there was dancing and really enjoying it, as were we at home, watching it on TV. Michael Reagan even made a comment about how y'all got the place rocking. And we almost hit the record number of people on the boards at one time tonight with around 120 people on. The record is 142. Maybe we'll hit that tomorrow night, after The Tonight Show. :)


Awesome performance and solo Mark!!! :o) Y'all had the place rocking! Still in my prayers. Joy!


Thanks man, you're awesome, and definitly not a girlie-mahn.



Hey Mark-

Just got done seeing you guys play at the RNC. They televised it on one of the HD channels, so I got to see the whole thing. It was amazing! Good job, way to stand up for what you believe in!

The Ultimate 3d fan,
Adam Riggins

Lisa G

Hey Mark,

Wow,this is such an awesome opportunity for the band to perform at the RNC.

We will be praying for all of you!


Hey, that's pretty awesome! I'll be tuned in tonight -- after Bono's interview on The O'Reilly Factor (8pm), that is.

Ashlee (South Arkansas Gomer)

I have a tape in the VCR and ready to hit record. We just had to update our Direct TV so we could get NBC for the Tonight Show. I know everyone is praying for you guys and all the Gomers are going to be watching. Have fun and God Bless!


This is so awesome..I'll definetely be praying...hope to catch a view of you guys behind some liberal interviewer on PBS...watch the ratings be huge for Wednsday just cause of you guys! GOD BLESS!


Its a shame that we here in Scotland will miss the gig, we dont get much American channels.....oh well. Will be looking forward to hearing all about it.

Be yourselves! :)


Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support - we definitely need it this week!

joanne c

Mark, i'll be watching from halfway around the world. Since it's at 9:20, I think I need to call a coffee break then. Can't wait to see those GOP'ers jump around! Will they do the swaying back and forth thing that you guys always do during this song?

Keeping you lifted in our prayers...


Mark, Convey our Prayers and Best Wishes (is that redundant??) to the rest of the guys. I look forward to catching you guys at some point this week, unfortunately between helping a local band and my daughters soccer I might miss all of it..

I noticed the “Live” section is up so I will be checking that often..

You all have been working and preparing for this week for many months.. Time to show the world what the Gomers already know..

Courage and Strength is given to you

Love and Prayers


Mark, we are all so proud Third Day. I'm sure the viewership of the RNC will spike during the 8-9PM hour on Wednesday. I think it's awesome that right after you play, they are doing a tribute to President Reagan. That should be very moving.

How many songs are you playing? I'm going to try to tape it, but don't really think I'll be successful, because I think it'd be more likely that the HD channels will be playing the entertainment portions, and I can't record on those channels.

We love y'all and our prayers are with you as you walk the wire in the sight of the whole world this week. Psalm 23


What an awesome opportunity Mark! You guys will continue to be in my prayers. Have a great week!!

J Morgan

So Mark, do you hope to run into Zell Miller at some point during the RNC? I noticed he will be speaking there.


This will be the only time in the history when C-Span is actually a useful network. They show everything!

And props to you for using permeate. For some reason I have a special attachment to that word, and whever anyone uses it, I feel like jumping up and down and telling them they used the secret word. Maybe it was too many Nickelodeon game shows when I was a kid. Now where is my slime?


I have been telling everyone I know about the RNC performance. I hope they DO televise you guys or else a few people may be miffed at me!

I'm thinking there will be thousands of people saying "We've got to find out more about these Third Day guys. They ROCK!".

With Leno and 60 Minutes you are going to be one BUSY man this week. Can you tell us anything about the 60 Minutes taping? Will the subject matter be the RNC? Watch out those guys can be sneaky!

I'm moving you guys up to the top of my prayer list for this week...


I actually ended up signing it TWICE! (OK, so I messed up the first time and couldn't figure out how to edit it) How's that for service?


Congrats on getting the gig! That's so awesome! Hey, what would it take to get a member of 3D to sign my web guestbook, if I can't get a signature in person, can I get an online signature? Here's a helpful link..




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