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August 31, 2004



wow....the way your political parties campaign for elections is amazing!! Here in Australia, our federal election was announced last week, and we go to the polls in 1 month (October 9). Voting is compulsory here if you're over 18, so there's no big movement encouraging everyone to vote. Basically, if you're over 18, registered and you don't vote, you'll recieve a lovely little fine in the post. The campaign over here basically consists of the leader of the major parties revealing their plans for when they're in office, then they sledge each other, dig up dirt from the past (you should have heard the controversy over whether a certain leader inhaled or not when he had a marijuana joint!), and then all the minor parties announce their alliances.
Then, come October 9 (a saturday!!!!! AND, in the middle of our youth conference) we all head off and vote. A couple that I know are getting married on that date, so they have to vote before they get married!!!

A question...what are the fundamental differences between a democrat and a republican? (Indulge me - I honestly don't know the difference)


All I gotta say is...at the RNC, David was playing on some awesome...cough, cough, dw drums, cough cough :) Check out my site for more details.


You guys did a bang up job on Leno last night! Wish you could have sat on the couch beside Ellen and chatted with Jay some though!

The RNC performance took the prize! I've never heard "I Got A Feeling" rock so hard! The guitar part was incredible! Was that you or Brad or both? Excuse my ignorance, but I can't tell who's playing what sometimes. Either way, it was a stand out (& stand up!) performance!

What do you think about those few nutty people who want to throw out their Third Day CD collection because you guys are standing up for Bush? I'll bet they're keeping their Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Dave Matthews, Aerosmith, REM, Pearl Jam, Raitt, Mellencamp, Fogerty, etc.

Do you think the majority of the viewing audience will know what "CASH" means? Can you really tell if a person is a Democrat or a Republican by the shoes they're wearing?

I loved the song you co-wrote. Are there more where that came from?


Go Mark! Nice job on Leno man! You completely rocked!! Have a safe trip back to the east!


Almost forgot: I caught a little of y'all's performance on C-SPAN tonight. Congratulations. I'll be interested to hear what sort of response you got.


Mark, you might be interested in the cover story on Arnold in this month's issue of Wired. Really good piece.


Not to be offensive, but the implications are that Californians are all about Hollywood??

I would hope the good people of California, as liberal as they tend to be, would vote for the strongest candidate- not the one with the funniest lines. Although, Arnold certainly seems to capitalize on his stardom, throwing in quite a few lines from his movies and his strong man image. This makes me wonder, being a Californian all my life, if the good people of this state did elect him for his Hollywood status? But really, did you see the farce of candidates running? They nearly made a complete mockery of it. One good thing Arnie did immediately when he took office was reverse the DMV reinstatment of full registration fees (us Californians had been enjoying a vehicle license fee offset for a few years now). That difference in my out-of-pocket expense was significant. However, I work in social services- with disabled teens (retarded, down sydrome, autism, etc.). I'm talking about people so disabled they couldn't maintain the basic essentials of life without our services. The first thing that got hacked was our budget. It got semi-fixed with a whole lot of lobbying, and basically an apology along with a "I didn't know" from Arnie, but that's the point- he doesn't know. He's learning. But I often wonder if he really is the man for the job? Being the governor of California is a major responsibility, especailly following a recall and when California is in fiscal crisis. Anyway, I suppose he's doing a decent job, and he's learning alot, but like I said, I didn't vote for him, nor would I.

Thanks Mark for allowing me room to spew my thoughts on politics.........anxiously awaiting to see if your gig comes up on my TV tonight!


Arnold stepped it up a notch for me as well. Like you Mark, I thought that he only got elected because of who he was. I really enjoyed hearing him speak last night and what he had to say; I'm really enjoying watching the convention. Can't wait until tonight! ;) woot! Prayers are with you guys!!

Ashlee (South Arkansas Gomer)

I was suprised! I was like you. I thought he got elected just because of who he was, not what he was going to! I was also suprised to learn that he annulled all of the gay marriages that had taken place in CA. He is higher on my list now. The convention is a very interesting thing! I have never really thought much about it, but I can vote now so I need to know what is going on.


Is that what's been missing from politics- humor? I live in Cali. I didn't vote for Arnold, but I can't complain because I didn't vote at all. Personally, the whole recall disgusted me. Arnold may be funny, he may be a rags-to-riches poster child for America's immigrants, but he is totally opposite of where I stand- he is pro-choice, and liberal in all social issues, but economically a republican. Go figure........

I saw his speech tonight. The commentators said the crowd "blew the roof off" they were so excited about him. Considering him as Presdient is a scary thought....... but you're right.....his "girly-man" comment was uproarious.

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